US support for Carlisle REUnited

We spoke to Carlisle United’s Florida-based supporter Chandler Caudill, who purchased a Face In The Crowd image recently to help the Carlisle REUnited campaign.

We’ve had a number of supporters donate to the campaign from across the world, The United States, Australia and even Russia. So we wanted to know just how Chandler came to be a Blues supporter.

CUOSC: Tell us a little about yourself?

I live in the United States, Florida to be exact and I am a huge Football fan. [CUOSC: We’re glad you didn’t use the ‘S-word’].

When any of my football teams I support aren’t on, I like to watch (American Football, Ice Hockey and Basketball).

I am a huge Football Manager fan. I play it because I want to come over to Europe and hopefully one day be a coach. I also support other clubs outside Carlisle (AFC Wimbledon and Matlock Town).

A funny thing about me is that I had a university speech class where we had to talk about something we like to do or something we were passionate about and I decided to do a speech on the history of Carlisle. Ended up getting a 100% on it which was great.

CUOSC: How did you end up following CUFC?

Chandler: The funny story about how I ended up supporting CUFC was that me and my friend were playing FIFA and we decided to randomly pick teams and the first team I got was CUFC and I decided to start following them, but that was when I was still a Man United fan. [CUOSC: Oh, Chandler 🤦🏼‍♂️ thank goodness you’ve seen the light]

CUOSC: How long have you been supporting the Blues?

Chandler: I have been a blues fan since 2010. Before being a Carlisle fan I supported Manchester United, because everyone in my family supported them, but I decided to become a Carlisle fan just because I wanted to support a smaller club that not many people know about over here.

CUOSC: Have you ever been to Carlisle or a CUFC game? Do you plan to?

Chandler: I have not been to a Carlisle game yet and I hopefully plan to go to a game in the future. But for now, iFollow is me being at a game, just on computer.

CUOSC: Who’s you favourite all time CUFC player?

Chandler: I have a lot of players I have liked and I don’t think I have just 1 favourite. It is a toss-up between Danny Grainger, Nicky Adams and Jamie Devitt.

CUOSC: Who is your favourite player in this current squad?

Chandler: My favourite current squad players would have to be Gime Toure and Jon Mellish. Gime Toure, because of his speed and athleticism to get down the pitch. Jon Mellish, for his ability to shoot the ball. The way Mellish has been able to convert to midfield has been a great change I think for him.

CUOSC: Where do you think we could finish this season?

Chandler: I think Carlisle will finish inside the playoffs or in promotion spots (top 7). [CUOSC: We hope you’re right Chandler]

CUOSC: Thank you for buying a FITC image – what do you think of the idea?

Chandler: I thought the idea of having cut-outs in the stands was a fantastic idea. It’s been my dream to come to Brunton Park and I decided by doing a FITC I can somewhat get my dream done, even if it is just a cut-out of myself.

CUOSC: Thanks for telling us about how you came to be a Carlisle United Supporter. Keep watching CUFC on iFollow and hopefully at some point in the future you’ll make the journey to the UK to watch the team in the flesh at Brunton Park.

Chandler’s signed Carlisle shirts
Watching the USA national team playing in the US

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Deadline for images to be in place for the next home game versus Newport County is 12am (midnight) on Thursday 29th October.