Statement 03.12.2021

CUOSC are appealing to fans to get behind the team and support the players as they bid to cause an FA Cup upset against Shrewsbury tomorrow.

We understand fans’ anger and frustration with the position the club is in and we know the Holdings Board acknowledges this. The directors are working hard to get answers that will enable the club to resolve some of the issues we face.

This is a crucial time for the Blues. There are signs our form is turning around after two wins in a row. Tomorrow’s match against League One opposition is another chance for us to continue that improvement and raises the potential of drawing a big club in the next round.

Fans have the right to demonstrate peacefully but we believe anything that affects or interrupts the match itself is unacceptable.

Action that affects the players negatively and potentially leads to fines and other sanctions against the club will not help in any way. It will just make things worse.

CUOSC are trying to move things forward but with the club £2.4 million in debt it is difficult. However, talks are ongoing, involving the Holdings Board, which we hope can find a solution.