‘REUnited’ fund update

Carlisle REUnited banner

Fans from around the world are backing CUOSC’s ‘Carlisle REUnited’ campaign.

In just one month the fund has passed the £5500 mark and includes donations from supporters in Australia and Russia. In addition we have nearly £600 in pledges while some fans are also making monthly contributions

CUOSC want to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated or promised money. But we are not finished yet – we are in it for the long haul.

While CUOSC realise these are difficult times for everyone, we started the campaign because we believe the Covid-19 pandemic will leave the Blues facing serious challenges next season, whenever it starts.

We are delighted a host of former players are backing us and you can see video appeals from Derek Asamoah, Dean Walling and ‘Sir’ Jimmy Glass by clicking:  http://cuosc.org.uk/carlisle-reunited/we-are-reunited/ with some big names still to come.

If you can help boost the ‘Carlisle REUnited’ fund – no matter how small the amount – it would be greatly appreciated. The money will be used to help the club get back on its feet when League Two football restarts.

CUOSC chairman Frank Beattie said: “We are pleased with the response so far considering it isn’t an easy time for anybody at the moment.

“A lot of clubs are facing an uncertain future but we are trying to make sure there is still a professional team in the city for our children, and their children to enjoy.”

CUOSC want to re-connect, re-focus and re-energise fans and make the club truly united. To donate go to: http://cuosc.org.uk/carlisle-reunited/