‘Nordbord’ put to good use

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CUOSC recently helped the club purchase a Nordbord hamstring testing unit with money from our Carlisle REUnited fund. You can read here what United’s strength and conditioning coach Greg Short had to say about it. (The article has been reproduced with kind permission of the club’s official website)

Club strength and conditioning coach Greg Short said: “The reason for wanting to purchase the equipment is that, before its arrival, we didn’t have the resources to screen and monitor the hamstring strength of individual players.

“With this piece of equipment, we are now easily and efficiently able to do so. It monitors hamstring force on a unilateral basis (measures each leg individually) and is a great step forward for us.

“It gives us an output reading of the player’s maximum force produced through a wide range of testing protocols. It also allows us to monitor their force trace as well as showing us any muscular imbalances, shown as a percentage during the movement.

“Multiple repetitions can be performed, and we are also able to monitor how the force trace declines as the muscles begin to fatigue.”

But how does it help in terms of strength and conditioning for the players?

“We’re able to use the NordBord to screen both match fit and rehabilitation players,” he explained. “This allows us to monitor and test whether there are any imbalances in the hamstring, or if the hamstrings are below a specific strength point.

“This is important as an imbalance of above 15% between each leg, or a maximal force production of below 300(N) on either leg would greatly increase the risk of injury when the hamstrings become fatigued throughout competition.

“Therefore, if we are able to gain this information using the NordBord, we are able to plan and programme specific strength and conditioning or rehabilitation plans in order to reduce the imbalance and increase overall force output. This will then reduce the likelihood of a hamstring injury either occurring or recurring.”

Already put to good use, he told us: “We’ve had a wide range of individuals using the equipment recently.

“It’s obviously been hugely beneficial for Brennan Dickenson who is currently undergoing hamstring rehabilitation.

“We’re able to test that there is still an imbalance in his hamstrings when fatigued, which is to be expected at this point in his rehab work.

“This provides us with relevant information that will impact his future programmes and allow us to put together more effective and efficient plans in order to get him as fit as possible for his return, whilst also aiming to minimalize his risk of re-injury as much as we possibly can.”

And he spoke once again about how grateful he is to CUOSC for making the purchase on behalf of the club.

“It is fantastic to have such great support from CUOSC,” he said. “We’re so grateful here at the club.

“This equipment will have a huge positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the players.

“We hope we can return the favour with some positive results over this Christmas period. Thanks again!”