News & Star column 26.03.20

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They said it was nineth wonder of the world. But it was just CUOSC holding a board meeting by video conference.

With government advising against group meetings during the coronavirus pandemic we employed the technology for the first time in our 19-year history.

And guess what, it went without a hitch – even with a few ageing technophobes on the board.

The technology has been around since the 60s but how many of us use it?

Yet what a great way for groups of United fans to stay in touch with each other. Why not create a virtual pub and share a beer or even a soft drink with your mates online.

We used Microsoft ‘Teams’ but there are plenty other free apps offering similar opportunities. If CUOSC can do it – anyone can.

With the club in lockdown and many fans in self isolation we still have to try to keep ourselves amused.

So over the next couple of weeks or so CUOSC want to have some fun by running a tournament, #WorldCupofCUFC on Twitter.

 We asked fans to tell us five of their favourite all-time players. In just over 48 hours they came up with over 50 and we narrowed them down into a final group of 32 who will go into our World Cup style draw.

Fans will now get a chance to vote for their preference as we follow it through from group stage to the final.

The club are also doing their bit to keep fans cheerful by repeating highlights of memorable United games from the past. You can find them by going to the official website at

Anyway, back to our board meeting last week. Unfortunately, we had to bow to the inevitable and postpone the CUOSC Cup, a six a side tournament planned for April 26.

The competition, which was for all football fans, received a very good and positive response and it is our intention to stage it at some time in the future. A lot of hard work went into the planning but we don’t feel it has been wasted because we have a blueprint that will stand us in good stead.

If you are interested in joining CUOSC you can do so via our website at It is £10 a year for adults and £5 for seniors and under-16s.