News & Star column 19.11.20

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CUOSC have written to the EFL after problems with the iFollow match streaming service left Blues fans frustrated and angry at the weekend.

Many missed out on some of the coverage of United’s home clash with Cheltenham despite paying the £10 match fee.

The club were also unhappy with the situation as they see the service as a chance to bring in some valuable income during the coronavirus pandemic and need it to be reliable.

For the first time this season over 1000 fans subscribed but some could not watch the opening stages and were also unable to contact iFollow representatives to raise the issue.

Even though it was beyond their control it put an extra burden on United’s staff, who were left trying to find out what was wrong and also communicate with fans.

CUOSC are concerned it could lead to supporters turning their backs on iFollow, at a time when they are desperate to see United in live action, and are seeking assurances the problems will not reoccur.

United chief executive Nigel Clibbens said: “EFL digital has now confirmed there was an issue. They are investigating further and awaiting answers from their suppliers to understand the technical reason as to what went wrong and why.”

The EFL have also sent an email apology to fans and promised to compensate those affected.

Clibbens added: “We hope this goes some way to repair the damage caused and will help restore the trust in the iFollow service, and its reputation which, until Saturday, was good.”

CUOSC’s ‘Carlisle REUnited’ fund is on the verge of breaking the £12,000 barrier and stands at £11,913.

‘Face in the Crowd’, which we have run in conjunction with the club, has given the fund a significant boost.

The cut-outs are displayed in the Pioneer Stand and, with fans still not allowed inside Brunton Park, give you a chance to be there in spirit. It would also make a great Christmas present for a relative or friend.

To learn more about Face in the Crowd click:

It was fantastic to see teenage midfielder Josh Dixon get the man-of-the-match award in the 3-1 EFL Trophy victory over Aston Villa Under-21s in midweek.

He has bravely battled back from not one, but two cruciate knee ligament injuries, and everyone is hoping he can now go on to fulfil his full potential.