News and Star column 12.09.20

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CUOSC have already given their general backing to ‘Sustain The Game’ – a campaign that calls for action from authorities to protect the existence of clubs.

Now we would like to get the views of our fans on some of the key principles within that campaign.

The financial strain caused by Covid-19 is threatening many clubs and urgent action is needed from the football authorities to help them survive.

The Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) is coordinating the campaign and believes that while the current pandemic has brought many issues to a head, there are long standing finance and governance matters which need to be fixed.

The government’s 2019 manifesto committed to a ‘fan led’ review of football governance and the FSA is keen to see that to happen.

‘Sustain The Game’ is built around five key principles:

  1. Protect our clubs – they are important community assets
  2. Transparency – everyone has a right to know who owns their club
  3. Financial controls – rules with real teeth that are independently enforced
  4. Strengthen the football pyramid – with a fairer use of the money in the game
  5. Supporter engagement –  fans need a voice in their club on all issues that affect them

CUOSC will be making our position clear on all these points after considering them at future board meetings. In the meantime, we would welcome the views of United fans on any of them.

FSA chief executive Kevin Miles said: “Football occupies a special space in our society as clubs carry huge cultural and local economic importance. ‘Sustain The Game’ will demonstrate the need for urgent action as the very existence of many clubs is under threat. If we don’t act now we might lose some forever.”

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