Minutes of 2020 AGM

Minutes of The Nineteenth Annual General Meeting of CUOSC held online via Zoom on Sunday August 23 2020

Board/Officers Attendance Apologies/ Absent
Frank Beattie* (Chair) Nigel Davidson* (Vice-Chair) Alastair Woodcock (Secretary) Norman Steel* Jack Oddie* Kyle Sproat* Jim Mitchell* Billy Atkinson* Carol Wilson* Malcolm Nugent*

Peter Harrington (Treasurer)
All Board members marked with an asterisk Other officers as indicated
Other Members attending: Marion Shiels, Dan Maclennan, Gwen Atkinson, Paul Atkinson, Ian Wilson, Keith Elliott, Richard Mullen, Geoff Weston, Michelle Hall, Carol Merrie, Simon Clarkson, Peter Oddie, Peter Hall, Thomas Heenan


1. To receive the reports of the Society’s board and the audited financial statements for the period ending 31st January 2020.

2. To elect to the Board of the Society

Malcolm Nugent (Membership No. 738)

Carol Wilson (Membership No. 1633)

Nigel Davidson (Membership No. 1814)

Kyle Sproat (Membership No. 2069)

Jack Oddie (Membership No. 2450)

3. It is hereby resolved that subject to the provisions of section 84 of the 2014 Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act, the members of the Society shall not require an audit for the accounts covering the current financial year ending on 31 January, 2021 when they are presented to the next AGM held in 2021.

NOTE: An independent financial examination shall be undertaken in its place.

4. To authorise the Society Board to fix the remuneration of the auditors.

NOTE: Although the Society would not ordinarily be required to hold a full audit, as per resolution 3, the examination of the accounts still requires qualified auditors

Votes that had come in via post, in person or electronically before the date of the AGM had been counted and checked in advance. No voting was permitted on the day.

Results of the ballot:

Resolution 1:

For 51 Against 0 Abstained 0

Resolution 2:

To elect Malcolm Nugent – For 44 Against 5 Abstained 2

To elect Carol Wilson – For 38 Against 9 Abstained 4

To elect Nigel Davidson – For 41 Against 7 Abstained 3

To elect Kyle Sproat – For 47 Against 2 Abstained 2

To elect Jack Oddie – For 46 Against 3 Abstained 2

Resolution 3:

For 50 Against 1 Abstained 0

Resolution 4:

For 50 Against 0 Abstained 1

All resolutions carried.

There being no further business, the formal part of the meeting was closed.

A question & answer session followed.

Notes from this session:

Simon Clarkson – latest on investment/long term future?

Billy Atkinson – No change. Pushed for change/succession for a long time.

EWM still closed down, few in HQ. Only online/phone Holdings board meetings since February. Situation as in January. No substantial interest shown from other parties. No direct convo with Board over ‘Lumsdon approach’. EWM policy to say nothing in public.

Simon Clarkson – Good messaging. Positive signals. Not having to take ST money. Have we had to draw on EWM?

Billy Atkinson – Club has been one of the best during pandemic. Used furlough. All staff paid fully. Credit to Suzanne Kidd/Nigel Clibbens. No money needed from EWM in past 12 months.

Norman Steel – Asks if CUFC beginning to stand on own two feet financially?

Billy Atkinson – Little bit of debt to Pioneer – continuing to pay them back via scheme. Two players sold to Leeds. Branthwaite deal – could be best deal CUFC has ever done. Got into first team quicker than expected. Brought extra cash. No support needed from EWM in last 2 transfer windows or this one. If Henderson plays for Man Utd, we get income. Good add-ons for Leeds deals.

Carol Merrie/Michelle Hall – question about AGM voting and engagement

Alastair Woodcock – Plans to have more members’ meetings, including online if necessary. Can invite CUFC personnel to attend. AGM business seen as ‘mundane’ whereas the last SGM (2015) when future of club was debated, had about 60% of members voting. Website had attracted over 2k users since May, a record. Thanked Richard Mullen for help in revamping the site. Now produced using WordPress. Updated by Alastair and Malcolm.

Jack Oddie – hoping to do CUOSC Cup next year. Improving corporate involvement and support.

Billy Atkinson – Club happy with strips launch. Sales going well. Commercial dept doing good job. Offered thanks. ST sales – ‘real’ sales better than last year. Club made decision to do that properly. Not selling for games without fans.

On Chris Beech appointment – Billy/CUOSC had wanted a younger coach keen to improve. Taken on board by club. Good decision. Credited D Holdsworth for role in appointment. CB is very approachable. Carlisle REUnited (CRU) approach – ‘more important’ than pure money. Support base and sponsors need to be re-united with club. Really important.

Malcolm Nugent – ‘We are United’ tag used by club.

Simon Clarkson – Fresh ideas for CRU?

Jack Oddie – Merchandise ready to go. Things seem normal with pre-season re-starting, doesn’t encourage donations. Focus to move to corporate side. Face in the Crowd (FITC) initiative being led by Nigel Davidson.

Kyle Sproat – Raffle coming up. Details later.

Frank Beattie – showed mock up FITC cut-outs.

Simon Clarkson – use match days as fund-raising vehicle?

Billy Atkinson – Club have ideas for that. Difficult for CUOSC to do things. Bars may not be open. Access to stadium will be phased and controlled. iFollow opportunities for advertising. No drinks breaks during games. Catering outlets? No decisions aware of but due shortly.

Paperwork for procedures during restrictions always changes. Logistical nightmare. Other match day initiatives to follow.

Frank Beattie – CUOSC eased off when Save Our Stan came out. Family live close to Frank. All very grateful. Family now in Singapore.

CRU is long term project. Asking for money is a challenge during COVID. Latest total is £7891.

Billy Atkinson – Aware of CUSG’s work. Want to support. Zoom meeting with CUSG reps suggested? Last CUSG meeting via zoom. CUOSC account used.

Simon Clarkson – Opportunity to sensitively ‘tease’ money out of match day experience while fans locked out of grounds. Pre-match online quizzes/ watch parties?

Billy Atkinson – Thanked Simon Clarkson for ideas. Carol Wilson’s Zoom account used. Could use for pre-match quizzes or watch parties.

Billy Atkinson – iFollow not allowed in pubs. Best way is for individuals to stream. Better return for club? Still in discussion about away fans. No away supporters expected to be allowed in ground.

Alastair Woodcock – EFL rule relaxed about allowing away supporters into stadium – devolved to clubs to make individual decisions.

Keith Elliott – CUSAT knew away ban would come. KE is fully supportive of maximising home attendance.

Simon Clarkson – some fans will attempt to attend stadiums on match days/ already incidents outside grounds

Frank Beattie – Walk-ups not allowed on match days.

Billy Atkinson – Cut-off point for pre-purchase of match tickets. Needs forward planning.

Kyle Sproat – Clubs not keen on away fans travelling on buses. Could spread virus.

Summary of voting:

Members at time of AGM: 375

Members eligible to vote at the AGM: 360

Votes cast by post : 6

Votes cast electronically: 45

Votes cast at the AGM: 0

Spoilt ballot papers: 0

Date & venue of the Twentieth Annual General Meeting : TBA