Membership Survey – December 2019

Summary of responses


How satisfied are you with the overall running of CUFC ?

Answered: 63 Skipped: 1

3.9/10 average rating


Do you feel valued by Carlisle United as a supporter of the club ?

Answered: 63 Skipped: 1

Responses: 63

Average: 37/100


Please tell us which one applies to you ?

Answered: 64 Skipped: 0



Season ticket holder

45.31% 29

Flexi-card holder

3.13% 2

I get a ticket for each individual game, but I come to most games if not all

14.06% 9

I get a ticket for individual games and I come to 10-15 home games a season

10.94% 7

I get a ticket for individual games and I come to 5-9 home games a season

6.25% 4

I get a ticket for individual games and I come to 1-4 home games a season

10.94% 7

I don’t go to CUFC home games, but I live within 30 miles of Brunton Park

3.13% 2

I don’t go to CUFC home games, because travel is too far from where I live

6.25% 4



Out of 10 please rate the match day experience at Brunton Park and tell us why you came to that answer:

Answered: 62 Skipped: 2

4.7/10 average rating


If applicable, what reasons do you have for not attending games as frequently as you would like or as much as you used to ?

Answered: 49 Skipped: 15

RESPONSES (examples of)

Complete lack of faith in the board and it’s treatment of fans and potential investors means that after 50 years I have finally drawn a line in the sand. Even blind faith has its limits.

The board

Can’t afford to

There’s no buzz anymore

We keep getting beat

Poor quality football can only take watching so many depressing defeats in an outdated stadium.

I have been a supporter since 1962. I never miss a home match


Based on your experience, do you have any concerns about the current running of Carlisle United? Please explain your concerns?

Answered: 57 Skipped: 7

RESPONSES (examples of)

there is a need for succession to take place soon

There is no single person or group of people with either a plan or a vision for the future. Even worse, nobody seems interested in assembling a group that could achieve that task.

The Board I believe have done their best. However, I no longer believe that they have the skills or knowledge to enable this club to climb up the EFL.

No ambition from the directors.

We should not be floating about in league two on a shoe string budget

No concerns

If we go down would we ever come back up

Some of the existing owners seem to be involved at the club to further their own agendas

Carlisle United will not remain in its current form in the next 5 years, we will end up as a watered down non league club playing regional football out of Gilford Park.

I feel the club needs more enthusiasm and promote stuff more

My concern is that everytime someone wants to get involved in the club members or certain members of the board seem to make it difficult for them.

You will never be able to satisfy everyone

New board needed with drive determination and vision


Can you think of any ‘easy fixes’ the club or CUOSC could do now to make any improvement to the match day experience? For example, enable contactless payment in the bars and kiosks around the ground.

Answered: 54 Skipped: 10

RESPONSES (examples of)

There is no match day experience. The club needs to decide what a match day experience should be before it can create it. Buying a drink at a bar is not a “Matchday Experience.”

Easy fixes never work. We want a club that is committed to climbing up the Leagues.

The club needs to market itself and get people through the gates. We need atmosphere and people energized.

Carlisle United always seem to do some special deals for non season ticket holders. Why not do something for the season ticket holders.

Real ale / craft beer in bars

Real ale on draught Fan Zone Take catering in house

Contactless payments would speed things up.


If Carlisle United, along with the assistance of supporters via CUOSC, could find new investment to take the club forward and ensure financial health over the long term, what developments would you like to see in the short, medium and long term?

RESPONSES (examples of)

Short – playing squad. Medium – club personnel improvements Long – new stadium to the south of the City.

The East Stand needs to be converted into units that will generate income. The Main Stand needs to be rebuilt with similar ambition.

The football club needs to generate more money. They need to increase commercial activity and really involve the community and businesses. The club needs a much longer term vision and build for the future

stability but with ambition. nobody expects cufc to become an amazing team overnight. but just have a meaningful drive towards promotion would go a long way. retain talents and recruit well.

We need more investment in players short term..The ground needs looking at long term.

If I could answer this question I would be able to take Carlisle united into the premier league!

Financial stability


Would you consider staying at Brunton Park after a Saturday home match if there were discounts available on hospitality/bars at Brunton Park?




39.68% 25


36.51% 23

Don’t Know

23.81% 15


Replay the match in the bars afterwards and also show the other matches in the 2nd division(highlights)


In its current format the Trophy appears to be losing its appeal in League One and Two; what ideas do you have to improve this competition and make it successful once again?

RESPONSES (examples of)

Get rid of academy teams

Just revert to the original format.

Bin it

Exclude U21 teams from progressing from group stage. All group games on same night

The previous incarnations weren’t popular either until towards the end. I’m O.K with the format. It was interesting to see the Wolves kids

Don’t know. I went to the game against Blackpool and enjoyed the evening.

Go back to old format which we had a lot of success with