Members’ Meeting – November 2020

Members meeting Friday 13th November, 2020 (Held online via Zoom)

Attendance – All board plus A Woodcock (secretary)

Members – B Abbott, J Kukuc, S Clarkson, A McAllister, R Mullen, M Middling, G Weston

Frank Beattie introduced board members.

Succession/ financial stability at CUFC

Jim Mitchell – fans wanted change for a long time. Described tentative succession plan agreed by CUOSC, other owners and 3rd party in early 2019. EFL involved, and needed financial assurances. Press releases ready but put into cold storage. Plan stalled. Not down to CUOSC or other owners. Dead and buried? Not yet clear. Other parties have come forward but nothing concrete has emerged from these.

Billy Atkinson – said no financial help from EWM in 18 months. Player sales and cost reductions has helped. Should be able to see out season even without crowds. Money from PL and EFL plus previous player sales will dictate future prospects (beyond this season). CUFC paid staff in full through lockdown. Small staff but treated well. Furlough all bar football staff in this lockdown. Preserving as much money as we can.

EWM administration

Notification via Companies House came this week. No directors or other owners have idea about implications for CUFC. Applies to all directors. CUOSC actively attempting to acquire info and efforts ongoing. EWM customer base decimated. Older customers. Affected Billy’s business too. EWM focus on employees at present. No money back from loans requested. No interest paid. Debenture not used.

Performances of the team etc – Billy touches on exaggerated claims about what club could get from add-ons e.g. Henderson England debut. Additional payments via Branthwaite, McCarron, Galloway etc. likely in future years.

Carlisle REUnited inc. Face in the Crowd

CRU current total – £11,913 (£3,045 from FITC)
CRU generates £15 when each cutout sold. 217 sold to date.
Quiz being revived due to lockdown. Discussions about promoting further FITC sales.
First purchase to be made using CRU funds. Piece of medical equipment – won’t provide details until club/us ready to announce.

Simon Clarkson – Why not more people attending meeting tonight?

Frank Beattie – disappointing but routine meetings attract smaller numbers. Lapping/Knighton eras produced bigger turnouts.

Richard Mullen – Is succession plan dead in water?

Frank – possibly dead but we don’t know for sure.

Richard Mullen – Asked about new member promotions. Diversity video for new members?

Nigel Davidson – An idea to look into. CUOSC Cup would have been a big platform for diversity issues.

Kyle Sproat – People not able to get to matches hurts renewals. Not everyone is online. Aims to make ourselves more visible with things like the quiz. Tournament would provide boost to numbers. Raffle planned, starting next week. Signed shirt from Mark Gillespie. Still putting together. Aiming to boost CRU funds.

Carol Wilson – people not always used to Zoom as platform.

Frank – Facebook Live attracted more users than Youtube. Going back to FB for return of quiz.

Billy – hopes medical equipment will make a difference. Wants club to make a big noise about it when it is announced.

Simon Clarkson – Suggested WRE toilets upgrade for rest of CRU funds.

Billy – money needs to help club and be traceable. Club’s needs to be financed.

Nigel – may spur people to make further donations once the first item is publicised.

Jack Oddie – designed to be flexible. Looking to aid playing side but understands the need to upgrade toilet facilities.

Kyle – helps to have something that fans can identify with. Medical item should be long term asset even if it might not be ‘visible’.

Jack – CUOSC discussed LED advertising at one stage but cost prohibitive at present.

Barbara Abbott – Still lack of hot water in toilets. Club have looked into solutions in the past. Possible boiler upgrade?

Jim – club faced catering ban without hot water/boiler upgrade. Issue has now gone away. Agreed to look into this issue again.

Billy – lack of hot water in parts of the ground is unacceptable.

John Kukuc – biggest issue at BP is drainage. Pumps needed at times.

Kyle – says Billy/Jim do keep asking questions and pushing for things to be fixed/upgraded. No lack of effort on their part.

Billy – says CUOSC and CUSG together are both attempting to bring change and help with improvements at the ground.

Simon Clarkson – Project Blue Yonder back on agenda due to Garden Village developments?

Billy – some meetings about that last year. Council meetings attended. Opportunities missed in the past. City council doesn’t have large funds but would need their involvement. That end of city would be looked at. Expected to come back in future. Blue Yonder funding model won’t work today.

Billy – a lot of sporting facilities in Carlisle area are in floodplain.

With no more questions, the meeting was declared closed.