Looking Good

Carlisle REUnited banner

Fancy a ‘sing-along’ while at the same time helping the Carlisle REUnited campaign?

CUOSC have found a recording of ‘Looking Good – We’re Carlisle United’ – a disc made to celebrate our finest hour – promotion to the old First Division in 1974.

It is a catchy number but it has only had a few hundred hits on YouTube. Wouldn’t it be great to turn that into 3000?

If you are feeling ‘Blue’ in these difficult times why not give yourself a tonic and click on the following link: http://cuosc.org.uk/carlisle-reunited/looking-good/

Actor Tim Barker, who sang and wrote the lyrics, said: “It was terrific to be involved with at the time. It was stunning when Carlisle went up.

“But football’s not all about success – it’s about supporting your local team. It’s about the community. This is a fun idea and I hope it is a big success.”

While composer and producer Andy Titcombe said: “I recall Woolworths put in an order for 200 copies and we thought we had a No1 hit on our hands.”

Okay, it not compulsory to ‘sing-along’ – it is just a bit of fun. But in the hope that things will soon be ‘looking good’ again for the Blues we would like fans to pledge donations if we reach 3000 hits.

Click on the link and support Carlisle REUnited.