Jim Mitchell

The Board of CUOSC was devastated to learn earlier today of the passing of Jim Mitchell. Jim served the board with distinction from 2012 until earlier this year. Jim was 1921 Board Rep for six years and also served as Chair of the Community Sports Trust.

Tributes were paid today by two of Jim’s former colleagues, Billy Atkinson and Nigel Davidson, who are the current reps on the Holdings and 1921 boards respectively.


I have known Jim for many years not just through his work with Carlisle United but also through his time with the county council.

He lived and breathed Carlisle United. It was his absolute passion.

I got to see that even more when we worked together with CUOSC and became representatives on the boards of the club.

It often seemed nothing was more important to Jim than the club and its future. In retirement he worked tirelessly for the club’s community trust and wanted the Blues to be at the heart of the community.

We became great friends and I had great respect for everything he did. I will miss him enormously.

After he finished playing local football – where he will also be well remembered – he became a keen walker and would often be seen out and about around the town. It has been really sad to see his health deteriorate over the last couple of years.

I want to pass on my sincere condolences to his wife Marion and family.


I joined the Supporter’s Trust board over 9 years ago. I was welcomed by all as the then ‘youngster’ 

Jim was probably the most quiet at that time, it took a couple of meetings to get him to warm up to the young upstart. He was obviously weighing me up in his own inimitable way, wondering if I’d be a teammate he could rely on or an opponent he’d have to be wary of. 

As I got to know him better, we got on really well and we then spent many hours over the years talking about all manner of things Carlisle United. 

I’d give him lifts home after meetings and we’d put the world to rights as far as CUFC was concerned. Jim was knowledgeable, intelligent, plain speaking and so passionate about CUFC, the Community Trust & the Supporter’s Trust and when I began to introduce a lot of the equality, diversity and inclusion work, he was its biggest advocate. 

Jim was as uncompromising in his support of all things Carlisle United as he was on the pitch as a player. 

Some of the stories he has told me and those I’ve heard from others’ about his exploits over the years have been enthralling and jaw-dropping in equal measure. He lived life on his terms and I respect him massively for that. 

When his health began to fail in recent years and I took over from him on the 1921 board at Carlisle United, I wondered how I would live up to the example that he set. I will never know if I can do that, but what I do know is that in every discussion I have and every decision I make, I’ve got him in the back of my mind giving me his view.

My sincere condolences to Marion and his family. 

Farewell my friend