Fan led review of football

On Wednesday evening, CUOSC were joined virtually by FSA Chairperson Malcolm Clarke for an introductory meeting to discuss the fan led review headed by MP and football fan Tracey Crouch. Malcolm took the board through the upcoming process, stating he was hopeful of the outcome as the procedure is different to previous Governmental reviews. He equated football clubs to listed buildings in that owners shouldn’t be allowed to do anything that they want with them as they are part of the cultural heritage of the town.

The discussion included the role of fan directors, increased transparency, the role of a new regulator and how, at some other clubs, undesirable owners have had catastrophic affects – some clubs can’t even identify their owners!

It is expected that the final report from the Fan Led Review will be produced as early as October this year.
Should any member want to discuss the fan led review with CUOSC, please get in touch. We’d love to hear your views.