CUOSC intent on becoming more ‘relevant’


If CUOSC is to thrive in the future we need to become more ‘relevant’.

That was one of the main points to come out of a positive members meeting last week where our directors took questions from fans both in person and online.

Billy Atkinson, CUOSC’s representative on United’s Holdings Board said: “Looking into the future we have some big decisions to make. We have to explore ways of becoming more relevant.

“We do that by getting ourselves into a financial situation where if any new investors were to come knocking we can bring something to the table.”

The big stumbling block to new investment remains the Blues £2.4million debt to Purepay Retail Limited – novated after Edinburgh Woollen Mill went into administration.

Atkinson added: “The loans are there. But we have to stop worrying about the situation at the moment and look to the future.”

CUOSC owns a 25.4% stake in the Blues – a minority shareholding.  Potential investors, in the past, have wanted us to reduce that stake even further.

Atkinson added: “We are not, and never have been, about blocking investment.

“But if we could find substantial backing our position would be much stronger.

“There’s a feel good attitude around the club at the moment and lots of businesses are coming forward with support. We have to explore where we can go that doesn’t stand on the club’s toes.”

CUOSC has around 600 members and are determined to push that figure towards the 1000 mark. We are particularly keen to attract younger fans – the Warwick Road End take note. It only costs £5 for under-18s for a year.

Vice chairman Dan MacLennan said: “Looking down the line, it would be fantastic to have four-figure membership. The more members, the more money we can raise, the more ideas, opinions, disagreements even.

“Success would be pushing forward and making sure we are your democratically elected voice with the powers that be.”

Following last week’s meeting we have already had offers of IT assistance and we would love to hear from anyone else who thinks they can help in any way. Just email:

There was good news for supporters’ trusts this week when it emerged the government is now likely to go ahead with its plan to bring in an independent regulator for football.

Legislation could be brought in early in the New Year that will boost the representation of fans in running clubs.

And, hopefully, it will also lead to a fairer financial settlement imposed on the Premier League in its negotiations with EFL clubs.