CUOSC Comments

Support for CUFC during COVID-19 crisis

(Taken from our weekly email briefing to members)

With United in lockdown limbo many fans are fearful about the future and keen to help the club.

CUOSC reps have been in regular contact with Blues chief executive Nigel Clibbens and are eager to assist.

The top priority at the moment is peoples’ health and safety. We encourage supporters to follow the government guidelines and where applicable stay home and stay safe.

However, in football, we are waiting on some vitally important decisions. Everyone wants to see if the EFL, the PFA and Premier League can come up with a co-ordinated response to the current Covid-19 crisis.

The EFL is keen to see the 2019/20 season completed but it is far from certain it will be. There is talk of playing games behind closed doors and continuing this into next season and 2021.

This would be a major financial challenge to clubs like Carlisle. With no paying customers the cost of players’ salaries would far outweigh any income coming in to the club.

It has been noted that fans on the CUSAT Facebook group were happy to forego any season ticket refund, if it was offered to them. Other supporters online have also been calling for financial support to be given to the club.

CUOSC have explored several schemes that could help and we plan to put them forward to the club for their consideration. We will keep you informed of developments.