Change is coming – play a part in it!

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News & Star column 29.07.21

The world of football governance is changing with supporters set to play an increasing role.

Following the publishing of the interim findings in the government’s fan-lead review there is increasing confidence there will, at last, be real and positive change.

That’s why there has never been a better time to be a member of CUOSC.

The more members we have the bigger our voice and it is that time of year when we are looking for fans to sign up and for existing members to renew their subscription. Also, we are always on the look-out for fans interested in joining our board.

We had 436 members at the end of last season – around 10% of our average home gate, a figure that compares favourably with other clubs in Leagues One and Two. But obviously, we would like many more.

It costs £10 for an adult for a year and £5 for seniors and Under-18s.

 CUOSC are affiliated to the Football Supporters Association, who did so much good work in helping to bring about the review, and are now playing a leading role.

The interim report recommends the appointment of an independent regulator and also suggests additional regulation including making supporter engagement mandatory.

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We fully understand that as a new season approaches fans are still concerned about succession of ownership at Brunton Park and at last Sunday’s CUOSC AGM we reiterated that we are still totally committed to bringing it about.

We want a positive change that suits the club and its fans and is seen as very likely to take United forward.

For CUOSC to consider supporting any planned ‘change of control’ to its conclusion we need any interested party to set out clearly and convincingly their plans to take the club forward.

This is vital to carry supporters with them. We would also need, in particular, to see a commitment to funding and investment, openness and transparency and to prioritising fan engagement.

We have already confirmed we had discussions with a third party in 2019 (identified by others as Edinburgh Woollen Mill). For many reasons we have been able to say little since then.

However, Billy Atkinson, CUOSC’s representative on the club’s Holdings Board has been assured that meetings are being arranged soon in an effort to bring things to a conclusion.

With the club over £2million in debt, despite the frustration the waiting brings, we are not willing to play Russian roulette with the Blues future for the sake of a few weeks.

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