Chandler’s delighted with special delivery


Blues fans are overjoyed to be back at games again. But one supporter, who cannot be there, is also ‘celebrating’.

Chandler Caudill, who lives in Florida was delighted to hear there is a special delivery on the way to him.

CUOSC have arranged for the ‘Face in the Crowd’ board he bought last season to be signed by the Blues squad and sent to his home in Orlando.

Chandler, 20, said: “I have always dreamed of visiting Brunton Park. I feel I have achieved part of it even if it was only a cardboard cut-out of myself in the stand. I am really happy it is now being sent to me – it’s going up on my wall.”

Chandler started supporting Carlisle after playing FIFA with a friend in 2010. He purchased his cut-out online in support of CUOSC’s Carlisle REUnited campaign and saw it displayed in the Pioneer Stand last season along with hundreds of others.

This season he is sponsoring winger Gimme Toure. He added:  “I try my hardest to buy Carlisle merchandise. I always have a game-day tradition of wearing some United kit in hope that it brings them good luck.

“I share the same birthday as Chris Beech and I think he is doing a good job. I’m looking forward to seeing them have another great season. One day I will be at Brunton Park in person.”

 The ‘My Club, My Shirt’ initiative, which aims to champion the diversity of supporters in the community, is up and running among Blues fans.

The idea is to show supporters from a variety of backgrounds wearing their club colours, bringing together people from all walks of life in the process.

Matt MacPake, a professional portrait and documentary photographer and also a member of the London Branch supporters club, was taking photos of fans at the Swindon game at the weekend. Over the next few weeks he is also hoping to picture some of our fans in central London.

The idea is to produce some high-quality photographs of United supporters in their shirts from any era for exhibition online and at Tullie House. If you are interested in taking part or want more details email: or

CUOSC will be holding our regular supporters’ surgery before Saturday’s home match with Leyton Orient in the study centre (next to the club shop) between 1.30 and 2.30pm. It’s a chance to renew your membership or question our directors.

Also, we would appeal to fans to show respect if the players decide to ‘take the knee’ before the game.