Board Meeting Summary – September 2021

Wednesday September 15 – Zoom

There were no apologies.

Frank Beattie was working on a detailed response to Dave Brown from the London Branch who had raised a number of issues during and after the AGM.

Billy told the meeting that progress on matters connected with succession had been delayed by holidays, but a meeting had been set up for the end of September which should help move things along.

My Club, My Shirt would get a boost tomorrow when a group of supporters who had signed up to the project would have their photos taken at Brunton Park, as well as appearing with the first team squad in a special photo. Nigel had organised this. Several board members would be taking part.

Kyle was finalising the new engagement strategy. This was to be promoted via social media and our website.

Some final tweaks were being made to the supporter questionnaire that would go out shortly. Mark, Nigel, Jim and Alastair had been working on it and would continue to work on it next week.

Norman and Alastair discussed some changes to our financial arrangements with the rest of the board. It was agreed in principle to change the financial year end to the end of July, to tie in with the membership year. This would mean the AGM moving to January, starting with January 2023. Alastair to liaise with Peter Harrington and the FCA over this change.

About 70 members were still to renew and all had been contacted this week via personalised emails.

Commitment had been made by CUOSC to purchase an underlay material which would add extra protection for the pitch against frost. The cost of this would be £1500, to come out of Carlisle REUnited funds.

Next meeting – October 13