Board Meeting Summary – October 2021

Held online via Zoom, October 20, 2021

Apologies from Jim Mitchell and Kyle Sproat

Frank summarised a recent meeting board members had held online with solicitors. Their advice applied to the ongoing succession process. 

Billy updated the meeting on the latest developments re: debt/succession, with a resolution agreed to one outstanding issue. Progress was being made, albeit slowly.

Billy gave a summary of the process to date for selecting a new head coach. He wasn’t expecting an appointment before Saturday but a new appointee will be in place as soon as possible. A shortlist had been drawn up and interviews arranged. Billy to attend as part of the interviewing panel. The process was being managed by Nigel Clibbens.

This led into a wider discussion about the football set-up at the club.

The deadline for the Future of Football questionnaire was set for Sunday. The response had been good with more coming in every day. Social media posts and a final reminder to members would go out later this week. The questionnaire team would start processing the results over Sunday and Monday.

Nigel summarised the My Club, My Shirt project which was being completed over the next few weeks. Final photos to be taken next week at Brunton Park. Photos were being selected for the Tullie House exhibition.

The remaining Carlisle REUnited funds would be aimed at projects to be discussed with the club on Jim’s return from holiday. Members would be given a chance to pick their preferred choices, should there be more than we could fund from the remaining pot.

Membership renewals were still coming in slowly, with fewer than 60 non-renewers left on the list. Norman and Alastair were managing the process of chasing up a few pledgers. Frost protection underlay costing £1500 committed from CRU funds. Finances remain stable.

We had received some information about a planned joint protest by fans at the Oldham home game on Saturday. The club considered it low risk but were concerned about potential for rising police costs. To reduce risk further, this info was not being publicised.