Board Meeting Summary – May 2021

Held online via Zoom on May 26 & May 30

Malcolm Clarke, chair of the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) attended the beginning of the meeting. He described the process being followed by the Government’s ‘fan-led’ review into football. The FSA would make a series of submissions, and each supporters’ trust would be able to submit their own ideas via the DCMS website.
CUOSC had an opportunity to be represented at a League 1/League 2 online meeting on June 15, to be attended virtually by Tracey Crouch MP who was in charge of the review. It was thought likely an independent regulator for football could be created, something both the FSA and CUOSC support. Malcolm said legislative time would be made available if the government decided as a result of the review that it would need to impose change on the football authorities. One possible recommendation of the review was the creation of a ‘golden share’ for each club that would allow fan/community groups such as Trusts to veto certain changes proposed by clubs.

Billy updated the meeting about the latest position re: succession and finances. CUOSC would not comment any further until a meeting was held with the other owners.

The board discussed a questionnaire to be sent to members about succession and future direction of the club. This would ‘feed in’ to existing work done on creating a mission statement for CUOSC and the ideal scenario for the club’s future direction. The board were updated on progress made by the working group.

Billy had helped to iron out agreements for the use of remaining Carlisle REUnited funds. Some money was set aside for potential future funding of the NordBord with the rest to support refurbishment of the Sporting Inn (future ‘Murphy’s Bar’).

Mark and Nigel had attended the first virtual meeting of Fair Game and reported back. Several clubs were onboard although CUFC had yet to fully commit. Fair Game would make a submission to the fan-led review of football.

A discussion was held about potential dropping of physical membership cards and replacement with digital cards. This would be further discussed along with some recommendations from Alastair as secretary at the next meeting.

Membership stood at 435. Over £13,000 now in bank account. Finances remain stable.

Nigel reported on potential way to promote ‘My City, My Shirt’ initiative. This to be progressed before next meeting.

Next meeting: TBC