Board Meeting Summary – March 2021

Held online via Zoom, 18.03.21

There were no apologies.

With little recent activity at club board level to report, the board were given a presentation by Mark Middling, recent board recruit, on his research into football club accountability. This was titled ‘Accounting for Supporters’. The presentation was about 20 minutes long, followed by a question and answer session. CUFC emerged with credit from Mark’s research, although there are areas in which all clubs can improve their reporting. A summary of the research would be published on our website in the near future. The research findings would be used towards a fan-led review run by the FSA.

Carlisle REUnited campaign is nearing £13,500 in funds raised, and ideas to reinvigorate it were discussed, including getting more business backing.

A specific meeting was arranged for next week to progress the community project, which also embraced diversity and inclusivity issues. Nigel had drafted a diversity policy for all groups in the CUSG to discuss, and this would be finalised over the next few weeks. The FSA are feeding into the process with suggestions.

Finances were solid with a little under £13,000 available in total funds, including our portion of the Carlisle REUnited fund. Membership remained static at 430. The ideas for improving membership put forward by Jack and Kyle were due to be discussed with the club this week.

A further query from a university student had been forwarded to Nigel and Mark to progress.

Next meeting – April 7