Board Meeting Summary – June 2021

Held online via Zoom, Wednesday June 30, 2021

There were no apologies.

Finances were solid with over £12,500 in the bank, most of which was ring-fenced as Carlisle REUnited funds. Membership stood at 436. We would start promoting renewals from this week with the membership year end coming up at the end of July. Our final accounts were still being worked on. Alastair and Norman were liaising with treasurer Peter Harrington to ensure the deadline for the AGM would be met. A potential short delay to the AGM date was discussed should we need it.

Frank Beattie and Mark Middling stated their intention to stand for election at the AGM. Mark as a co-optee would be required to become an elected member and Frank as the current chair, indicated he wished to continue for one further term as a board member.

Nigel Davidson reported back on his plans to promote the ‘My Club, My Shirt’ initiative. He was meeting representatives of the FSA and CUFC on Friday to discuss the project which was a key part of efforts nationally to promote inclusion and diversity within the game at a community level.

The Board discussed the adoption of the latest set of side policies as recommended by the FSA. Some of these policies had small changes to the ones currently being used by CUOSC and some were identical. These would be adopted by the Board before the date of the AGM, with a plan to update the whole constitution at the 2022 AGM.

The meeting discussed a plan for a fan questionnaire likely to go out before the AGM. The sub-group who had worked on this had circulated a draft version before the meeting and the board were encouraged to check it through and suggest any changes necessary. A further meeting next week would finalise the content of the questionnaire. There was a wider discussion about the ongoing government review into football which was drawing heavily on fan input via individual groups like Trusts as well as via the FSA and the Fair Game initiative which was now being backed by CUFC, with our own board members Nigel and Mark involved as individual supporters.

A plan for the Face in the Crowd cutouts was discussed. Fans would have the opportunity to either collect their cutouts from the ground or they could potentially go on permanent display at Brunton Park. This was still being finalised as plans for the new season progressed. Progress was being made on refurbishing Murphy’s Bar with the help of Carlisle REUnited funds.