Board Meeting Summary – January 2021

Meeting held online via Zoom, Wed Jan 13 2021

There were no apologies.

Lee Rotherham attended the start of the meeting to discuss ideas for developing his role as communtity liaison officer. We have a contact within a major local employer, who acts as head of diversity for the company, who are Lee’s employers. A meeting will be set up asap to discuss plans. Nigel discussed potential ways to promote and execute the FSA’s My City, My Shirt project, during lockdown. Nigel to discuss with Anwar Uddin of the FSA.

Plans to increase membership were discussed, in particular to attract younger members. The club reported increased interest amongst younger fans due to the online streaming of games during the pandemic via iFollow. Board to brainstorm ideas for promoting membership before next meeting. Current membership stands at 428.

Carlisle REUnited fund total: £12,982. Just under half of this is committed to supporting the club’s acquisition of the NordBord, the first year of which is paid for.

There was little change in the position of the club, re: EWM admin. Marks & Spencer had agreed to buy the Jaeger brand and a deal to rescue EWM itself was at an advanced stage. The debt owed by the club was thought unlikely to be called in. CUOSC would continue to seek a resolution to the long-running issue of future ownership.

Billy updated the board on the process of testing players during the pandemic. Positive tests had been reported this week, with more test results to come in. The feeling within the club was that the EFL will not curtail the season due to lockdown.

Next meeting: February 11 (6.30pm)