Board Meeting Summary – January 2020

Date: Wednesday January 22, 2020

Location: Upperby Community Development Centre

There were no apologies.

Before the main board meeting, the CUOSC Board met four supporters who had offered their services as potential new board members or volunteers to assist the Board with their duties. This was a constructive meeting and generated some ideas for future projects including community involvement and attracting younger fans. The Board thanked all four for their time and will now consider what roles to offer.

The results of our members’ survey had been shared and discussed by the Board and had been sent to Carlisle United for their consideration. A plan to collect warm coats for homeless people in the Carlisle area had been progressed by Frank Beattie. Follow-up work to be assisted by Billy Atkinson.

The recent 1921 Board meeting had been attended by Jim Mitchell who reported back on latest financial developments, including the transfer of Jarrod Branthwaite to Everton. Financial performance has been boosted by this and the FA Cup cash from reaching the Third Round. Head Coach Chris Beech was using funds made available to strengthen the squad during the January window. A replacement for Hallam Hope had already been agreed but announcement wouldn’t be made until Friday.

Succession was discussed but the current process has not yet reached a successful conclusion, despite a flurry of recent activity which has involved CUOSC. Various parties are involved in negotiating a satisfactory solution, which is ongoing.

A plan for a community event at the end of this season had been progressed by Jack Oddie and Nigel Davidson. This would need careful planning and would only be made public when we had a definite commitment and go-ahead.

A potential February half-term food bank collection was still to be finalised.

Website was on its way to being ready after being revamped with the help of Richard Mullen. Plan was to try and get it ready for early February.

Finances still stable with over £3k in the bank. Financial year end coming up at the end of this month.

This season’s end of year awards dinner is to be held on April 26 at £40 per ticket. CUOSC would be represented.

The FSA had been informed of recent changes to the Board, including appointment of new Chair in Frank Beattie.

Next scheduled meeting – February 19.