Board Meeting Summary – February 2021

Held online via Zoom, 11.02.2021

There were no apologies.

The board discussed the current situation re: EWM administration. News about a novation of the debt owed to EWM had reached the public domain. Billy brought the board up to speed about the status of the debt owed. Mark’s university research into football club governance and accountability would be useful in influencing the style of CUFC’s financial reporting. This reporting was praised by Mark who had looked into a lot of accounts published by lower league clubs.

Questions had been raised about the squad no longer training at Creighton. The rugby pitches there were no longer being hired out for non-rugby uses. Insurance issues were a general problem in getting training facilities for the players in the local area.

The amounts generated by Carlisle REUnited had slowed since Christmas and ideas to generate more were discussed, as were ways to increase membership, in particular amongst younger supporters. Jack and Kyle had put together a range of ideas to improve membership and these would be shared amongst the board and a follow-up meeting arranged in the near future to progress them. Current membership stood at 430 – this represents a small drop from a year ago.

Nigel and Lee Rotherham, who has been taken on in an informal role as community liaison officer, were working through plans for a wide-ranging community project, involving the delayed CUOSC Cup, which had to be postponed due to the pandemic. Progress is slow due to lockdown, but is ongoing. Various ideas for community involvement, and bringing in business support, were discussed.

Finances remain stable and have allowed CUOSC to support the club through sponsorship of this season’s fixture cards as well as donating £200 to the Warwick Road End Big Flags Fund being organised via

Next meeting was arranged for March 17, to allow for feedback from the next planned meeting of CUFC Holdings.