Board Meeting Summary – February 2020

Location: Upperby Community Development Centre

Date: 19 February 2020

Apologies were received from Nigel Davidson and Malcolm Nugent.

Billy and Jim brought updates from the boardroom, covering the ongoing succession process and other financial matters. The year end accounts (to June 30, 2019) were nearing completion and would be discussed and agreed in a forthcoming meeting.

Potential new recruits to the CUOSC board were discussed. It looked likely there would be one new recruit, and this would be finalised at the next board meeting in March. Others were offering to help support us in backroom roles.

A major community event was further discussed, after initial meetings had proved positive. It would take place towards the end of April but nothing would be announced in public for another week or so. Jack and Nigel were leading on it, and discussions had also involved CUFC, the CUFC Community Sports Trust and Kick It Out.

The revamped website was almost ready to go live. Alastair asked for new photos of the Board to update the Board page. Alastair and Malcolm were updating the content on a regular basis. Richard Mullen had set up the initial design and added a twitter feed and interactive poll feature.

Approximately £3k was in the bank account, plus over £500 in the PayPal account. Membership stood at 453. Welcome packs were being brought back for new joiners. Frank offered to write an updated welcome letter.

An idea for a competition to give away a table for four at an upcoming United for Business event was discussed. We would not now be doing a half-term food bank collection but Easter was being earmarked for the next one.

Date of the next meeting – March 18.