Board Meeting Summary – December 2022

Held at Upperby and Online, 14.12.2022

Attendance: Matt Spooner (Chair), Dan Maclennan (Vice Chair), Alastair Woodcock (Secretary), Chris Armstrong, Billy Atkinson, Kieron Bulman, Nigel Davidson, Malcolm Nugent, Carol Wilson

Apologies: Dave Noble

Nigel updated the board about the latest from the 1921 Boardroom. The accounts for both 1921 and Holdings had been approved and would be published soon, expected to be before the end of the year. It was noted that commercial income at the club had experienced a significant rise after the appointment of new staff over the summer.

Future direction of CUOSC was discussed with an initial meeting planned for the new year to thrash out broad direction of travel before involving members in the process thereafter. Member benefits were also discussed at this meeting, with a view to overhauling and clarifying them.

The aftermath of the members’ meeting was discussed. The hybrid model was considered essential to the future of such meetings but some technical limitations needed to be overcome when it came to Zoom access. Steps would be taken to ensure a smoother experience for the next meeting.

Membership remained about the 580 mark with a healthy bank balance of £4750 but with some significant commitments in place regarding future outgoings.

A quiz night was in the planning stages for the first few months of 2023.

Next meeting: January 18