Board Meeting Summary – April 2022

Wednesday April 13, 2022 via Zoom

Attending: Frank Beattie (chair), Nigel Davidson (vice-chair), Alastair Woodcock (secretary), Billy Atkinson, Jim Mitchell, Norman Steel, Carol Wilson, Mark Middling, Malcolm Nugent

There were no apologies.

Billy reported on the latest situation regarding the PurePay debt. A fresh dialogue had started but there were still issues to sort out. PurePay have not responded directly to the club’s proposals put to them at Christmas.

Paul Simpson’s position was outlined. Billy was hopeful that a deal could be done to keep him at CUFC. Paul was aware of the situation behind the scenes and was simply wanting some certainty going into next season so he could have the best platform for building a winning side.

A draft version of the manifesto for the future of CUFC had been circulated around the board prior to the meeting and changes were discussed to improve the wording. The working group would continue to update it to get it ready for the end of the season and its release at the time of the next members’ meeting, for useful and construtive feedback. A decision on the date of the meeting will be made soon, and announced before the end of the season.

No decisions had been made yet on remaining Carlisle REUnited funds. We were committed to support improvements to the fan zone but the club were still weighing up various options. Billy would continue to be part of the dialogue.

Progress was being made on finalising plans for the CUOSC Cup. The name of the tournament was likely to change. 18 teams was the maximum number that could be accommodated.

Membership now stood at 548. The board were planning a fresh push at the Stevenage game and would look to launch a social media campaign once the manifesto was in the public domain. A discussion was held again around the trading name of CUOSC and whether it should be changed.

The Financial Conduct Authority had accepted our change to the financial year end, so from 2023, the year end would move to July 31. This would involve the current financial year extending to 18 months.

The board were updated about events at other clubs including Cambridge United’s bid to extend their fan zone and a plan to sell Swindon Town’s County Ground to the local council for £2.3m

Next board meeting is scheduled for May 11