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Carlisle United Official Supporters Club has thanked fans for donating to an emergency Covid-19 fund, asking them to keep supporting the Blues through the pandemic.

The Carlisle REUnited fund was set up by CUOSC to give the football club a fighting chance during the financial hardship of the coronavirus lockdown, ensuring that it is in a healthy position when the crisis is over.

The pandemic has proven to be a blow for clubs at all levels, from both a competitive and financial standpoint.

With play suspended and League Two clubs voting to end the 2019/2020 season, Carlisle United are left without their biggest sources of income.

However, fans have rallied behind the side raising more than £2,000 in the first 24 hours.

Malcolm Nugent, board member for the supporter’s club said: “We have a very loyal band of supporters. We have had a terrific response so far. But it is only the start, we want the fund to grow and grow.”

Mr Nugent told the News & Star there is no quick fix: “We are hopeful supporters will back us in this. We are in it for the long haul.”

“We don’t think it is going to be a short term thing; nobody knows when the new season is going to start, it’s a difficult one.”

With the possibility of playing behind closed doors, he added that the fund is vital to keep the club healthy: “Carlisle rely on the crowd for their monthly income.”

The Carlisle REUnited fund is designed not only to help the club survive during the coronavirus pandemic but also to form a stronger relationship with fans for the future.

He asked the fans to get behind the club, which was first founded in 1904: “We know it’s hard times for everyone at the minute, but we’re trying to build a bond between Carlisle and the surrounding community, and the football club.

Funds that are raised support the club to get back on its feet when and if the new season starts.

“There are no guarantees our main backers will be able to support us through the entire crisis,” admitted Mr Nugent.

In a rallying cry to the fans, the supporters’ club posted a video to its page, reliving some of Carlisle United’s greatest moments.

The video calls the side: “More than a team, more than match day.”

It includes a motto adopted by the supporters’ club during a turbulent and uncertain period: “Imagine what we could do if we were all to reunite.”

To support Carlisle United’s emergency coronavirus fund which aims to secure “a future worth keeping”, visit: cuosc.org.uk/carlisle-reunited/

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