Fan Representatives

YOUR representatives on the board of directors of Carlisle United FC

Under the terms of the 2006 shareholders’ agreement, CUOSC has a right to permanent representation on the football club’s board. This individual becomes a full director with full director’s responsibilities. The person selected has a clear duty of care to the club and must act in its best interests at all times.

The current CUOSC representative is Nigel Davidson. He has no fixed term of office. The board of CUOSC would recommend that anyone with ambitions to fulfil this very important position should serve on the CUOSC Board for at least one year before making any moves to represent the membership. It should be noted that the board of the football club may veto any person chosen to fulfil the position of representative, but this is limited to the first two candidates put forward. The third candidate must always be selected.

CUOSC may also appoint an ‘alternate’ to represent them at board meetings in Nigel’s absence. This position is currently filled by Carol Wilson. Billy Atkinson fills the position of supporter rep on the CUFC Holdings board, a position which is offered by the club on an invitational basis only.

The representative who sits on the board represents a 25.4% share of the club’s holding company, CUFC Holdings Ltd. Note however that the right to boardroom representation remains no matter how many shares are owned by CUOSC and in whatever entity. The Holding company own 93% of the football club – Carlisle United AFC (1921) Ltd.

Your representative has a vote on all important matters concerning the football club. They have a duty to report back on all matters affecting CUOSC and supporters directly. Note however that as part of the standard fiduciary duties referred to above, they aren’t in a position (usually) to report back on matters considered confidential to the club board.

1921 Board Representatives

2003-04 Alan Steel
2004-06 Kate Rowley
2006-16 Norman Steel
2016-22 Jim Mitchell
2022-   Nigel Davidson
Holdings Board Representative

2017- Billy Atkinson