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Campaign fund: £13,078 (Sep 22)


CUOSC are launching a significant initiative to support the club through the current crisis with a view to maximising revenues and encouraging all supporters to return to Brunton Park once it is safe to do so. This supporters’ initiative is aimed at helping to ensure the survival, sustainability and future success of our football club.

All funds donated to Carlisle REUnited will be held purely for the purpose of supporting the club through the crisis and will not be used for any other purpose. Membership fees and other contributions will continue to be used to cover the admin costs of CUOSC.

With supporters backing our fund, we can play some part in bringing a sense of change to our community via our football club, and more importantly, developing that relationship in the years beyond COVID-19. With representatives on the club’s boards we are in a unique position to lead this project. We can also ensure there is full transparency on how the money is spent.

At the start of the COVID-19 lockdown our Chair Frank Beattie wrote to the club to ask what support CUOSC could give. At that stage, it was indicated to us that while there was plenty of uncertainty around, and there still is, the club were able to survive for the immediate lockdown period.

Recent decisions by EFL League Two clubs have brought about a degree of certainty for this season but with the possibility of games being played behind closed doors for part of next season, there will be a period of financial uncertainty for many clubs. Our main backers are facing their own problems during this crisis and may not be able to help us to the same extent as before.This means there is a genuine need for extra help. It is important that we all work together as a community and we help as much as we can.

One-off donations via:- PayPal, cheque, cash or bank transfer.
Regular donations via:- PayPal or standing order.

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By bank transfer or standing order:-
Very Important – please include ‘CRU’ in the reference field.
Make payments to The Co-operative Bank, Salford. Sort Code 08 92 99, The United Trust Account NO. 65045152
This account is overseen by our accountants Dodd & Co of Carlisle.

By cheque:-
Make cheques payable to THE UNITED TRUST and post to:- CUOSC, ℅ Dodd & Co, Fifteen Rosehill, Carlisle, CA1 2RW. Please write ‘CARLISLE REUNITED’ on the back of the cheque.

By cash:-
Payments can be made at The Local Shop, 108 English Street, Carlisle.

If you have any questions about Carlisle REUnited, please contact us:

07999 737390

‘Come on You Blues’